When Miracles Occur

There is a reason for everything that happens to us.

Whether we feel overwhelmed by a difficult situation or are fearful of a threatening health condition, there are times when we need to call out for help and should do so. We open ourselves up to receive guidance and support and at the same time offer others the opportunity to come forward in service. Communication and co-operation bring greater understanding and healing to everyone involved.

I have noticed that miracles often occur in my healing work when people are detaching from results and letting go of any expectations. It then becomes a form of surrender, a handing over of their difficulties to an outside trusted source, be that God or a fellow human being.

But first we need to make an effort to find solutions. When we come to the point when we can say “everything I have tried so far has failed; what do I do next?” then we are often ready to listen.

Part of the magic of healing is to listen to our own inner voice. It will always guide us. As part of the distant healing sessions I offer, I also recommend my clients to set aside time each day to create a sacred space for relaxation and for listening.

Comments from clients:

“Thank you so much Amma … for without your kindness and sharing of your gifts I don’t believe I would be in a better state.”  B.V., USA

“I felt the energy you tapped into really did make contact with my higher self. I felt a feeling of joy and bliss came over me. You are indeed a beacon of light needed at this time.” W.B.,  USA

“The spiritual uplifting has been the most dramatic. I am so very grateful for your many gifts.” J.C., USA

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Amma Magi