The Magical Alchemy Course – Lesson 7


by Amma Magi
27th September, 2013


We are moving on with the next lesson in the Magical Alchemy Course which started on 1st April this year. The aim is to explore many different steps in humanity’s spiritual growth which will eventually lead to the ancient Greek maxim: man know thyself”!

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In the last Lesson we examined freewill and freedom and how we may use these for the highest good.

In this lesson we will explore a Global Vision.



My training is in Karma Yoga through an enlightened Master. In essence: The Yoga of Action – Service to mankind. In these days many are searching for a meaning in life and something worthwhile to do while the ever-increasing speed of time seems to carry us through turbulent water. How can we ever catch up with the transformational Shift and find our inner peace?

In a recent lesson (No.5 – Spiritual Energy Balance) I wrote: “In this enthusiastic fervor I find the word “action” appropriate. My heart urges me to do something, be active in the world today, play my part, make a difference.” In an appeal to my students I continued: “It is time to take the initiative, start something!”

Since then I have started a Mission I call Sunlight Mission. It is a wider concept of the vision I had back in 1995 when I started Sunlight New Age Journal to share information to assist the spiritual aspirant to find his or her true path back to God. Here I log various phases when I decide a time and place to perform prayers of healing and upliftment for the world. I charge myself with prana (universal life force) through deep breathing and visualization practices followed by a clear statement of my intention: to bring balance, harmony and well-being.

As a healer I am expanding my healing ministry to a global level. Wherever I travel I allow myself to be used as a channel for healing energies to flow out into the ethers and into nature while radiating love and gratitude. Anyone can do this in their own way!



Once we are self-empowered, having “re-claimed” ourselves and the divine essence of who we truly are, we are no longer needy but can offer our overflow to the global community.

There cannot be just one global vision as we each experience life differently but there is an energy flow sweeping across the globe, like the crest of a wave, of which we can all take advantage.

Building on the visions and teachings of pioneers in recent times, we already have the foundation laid, waiting for each one of us to add the bricks.


We are the volunteers

Only a few weeks ago I received this encouraging message from a Greek friend: “Almost everyone on your Earth at this time has made a soul agreement to be part of the ascension process of humanity and the Earth.” A message from the Hierarchy.

Humanity has never been alone in its search for a divine purpose. There have been teachers at various times in different part of the world supporting and protecting the human race. Now comes the time for us to stand firmly on our own feet and, in gratitude, take positive action. We have volunteered for this!

It is not just our lives and our future that are at stake but that of the planet herself. A global holistic vision must therefore embrace the Mother Earth!


The Earth as a classroom

The eyes of the cosmos are upon us and great is the exhilaration. The planet herself is preparing to take her rightful place in the heavens and we, her children, are invited to ascend with her. She has offered us a classroom for certain learning and soon comes the time of graduation.

We can truly talk about a global community here on Earth as science and technology are bringing us closer together through various forms of communication, not least the Internet. Distance or language are no longer barriers. We are becoming ONE.


Our power

The awakening of each individual to remember who we truly are and re-claiming our power, is a major force reaching a fulcrum point. As we recognize each other, understand and care for one another, we automatically embrace a global vision.

Today is the greatest day of your life – because you have freewill, you have a choice, to become who you truly are: GOD in form.

Now, what will you do?


Exercise:  As you awake each morning send a prayer of gratitude to Mother Earth, your spaceship navigating you safely in the universe. As you go to bed at night ask yourself: What have I done for God today?


Next lesson: A universal vision


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