The Magical Alchemy Course Lesson 6


by Amma Magi
Greece, 26th August 2013


Since this series of lessons began on 1st April this year, we have covered many different steps in humanity’s spiritual growth process, eventually leading to “man know thyself”!

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In the last Lesson we looked at the spiritual energy balance and how we can influence the world in a positive way by being aware of our thoughts and actions.

In this lesson we will take a closer look at the terms freewill and freedom. What do they really mean in these days of the Shift?



Freewill is something I take for granted as my birth-right. Being born in a “free” democratic country, Sweden, I believed as a child that everyone was free to pursue their dreams. I certainly got mesmerized by the dazzling tinsels on the Christmas tree. Life was full of promise and hope. I had a strong sense of freewill and thought I knew my direction in life.

As a free spirit, tired of the restricted life as a school pupil, I decided I would never tie myself down to a 9-5 job. Instead I would travel the world as a freelance journalist, sharing my adventures and experiences. I wanted to “breathe” life.

But what happened? I got as far as London, decided to stay and started to look for a job to support myself. I ended up working at an office 9-5 and actually loved it. By disciplining myself for a few hours each day, willingly doing whatever was required of me, I then had the freedom to use my time and resources as I wished.

This was the beginning of my discovery of “freewill” leading to “freedom”!



From an early age we test our freewill against our environment. We learn how far we can go until we meet an obstacle. All the time there is this strong urge and natural curiosity driving us onwards to new discoveries and learning.

As we grow up we find that life presents many challenges. We can’t always get what we want. Freewill is not necessarily about satisfying our egos. There are other people out there too with an ego, exercising their freewill.


Competition or Co-operation

Many of our cultures today build on the image of competition and greed leading to “successful” lives. Material wealth is the reward, satisfying our hunger for meaning and status. We look up to the rich and famous, thinking they are happy and fulfilled. Maybe they are but we do not really know. It is up to us to find our own inner happiness and reward.

Life is not about comparing ourselves to others. It is also about seeing opportunities, new possibilities that will enrich the life of all. Instead of competition, there is the more lasting recognition that co-operation and sharing is a sustainable way forward. And this is happening more and more.

As previously taught in these lessons, we should start looking at life through new eyes. See new opportunities arise. Take initiative. Use our freewill constructively.


What is Freewill and Freedom?

Freewill and freedom is not an either/or option. The critical difference between freewill and freedom must be that freewill is attention to the ego or basic desires and freedom is, not an absence of freewill, but the use of it to follow the guidance of the higher intuition that comes from your soul. Your soul is attuned to the cosmos and all forms of higher awareness, so it becomes your guide for higher guidance.


The Secret of the Shift

A few days ago I was out walking my dog. It was early morning just after sunrise. The whole countryside was bathing in light, the sky light blue, cloudless. A perfect beginning to a new day.

I had just finished writing a draft for this lesson trying to work out what really is the difference between freewill and freedom. How do I explain this to my students? Then it came, the answer. I felt I was given the secret key to the whole concept of The Shift!

First, during my research for this lesson I remembered a classic line stated by my own Master during a lecture given exactly 40 years ago. I had been present at the time and remember the impact it had on the large audience. The title of the lecture was “The Cosmic Plan” and the one-liner saved until the end of the lecture was: “there comes an end to freewill!”

It suddenly dawned on me this particular morning that the secret key to The Shift could be the transformation of mankind from freewill to freedom!


Explain please?

Yes, being aware that the use of freewill by mankind to date has not led us to an advanced, safe and healthy civilization. A shift of focus from ego-centered freewill to an unconditional surrender to a Higher Will (God’s will if you want) will transform our lives here on earth.

You will find that all your needs will be met, even your energy needs. There will be no shortage.

You will be free, free to explore, be curious, be of service to the whole cosmic community.

Free to know who you truly are!


Exercise: Ask yourself: “when did I last feel really happy?” Yes, what made you naturally joyous? Re-create that feeling again. Feel the joy spreading warm comfort throughout your whole being.

Now add the following reflection: Unconditional surrender to God!

Know you are on your way to feel true Freedom!


Further study: The Nine Freedoms by George King, D.D. (


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