The Magical Alchemy Course – Lesson 5

by Amma Magi
Greece, 27th July, 2013

In Lesson 4 we explored soul expression as in watching other people shine as they perform their soul purpose. We can do this also by allowing our fire to be released to the world!

In this lesson we will explore how we integrate our soul fire with the energy grid of the Earth to create balance, harmony and well-being. In essence, how to find Spiritual Energy Balance.


Throughout my life I have been guided to what feels natural to me, that inner feeling and knowingness that tells me I am on the right track. Sometimes it has left me wondering if I am really right but it always ends up by giving me great solace and inner comfort.

In the very first issue of my magazine, Sunlight The New Age Journal, summer 1995, I devoted a section to what I call “Cosmic Helpers!” I will quote verbatim:

“Divine Intervention has been offered to mankind in times of need throughout our history. Mankind has never been left alone to suffer in total ignorance. There has always been hope, light, a helping hand when we feel we have reached the end of our endurance. This is especially true today as we are standing on the threshold of a New Age.

“According to The Aetherius Society, whose Founder/President is Sir George King, a large spacecraft originating from the planet Mars, 12,000 feet long, is orbiting our Earth at certain times of the year radiating much needed Spiritual energy. These vast energies coming from the Sun are conditioned through large crystals before being beamed down to us. During the orbit of Satellite No. 3, as this craft is called, all unselfish actions performed by any individual or group, such as service to mankind, healing to the sick and suffering, performing spiritual practices, etc., will be enhanced 3,000 times. The scales of Karma which at present are weighing too much on the negative side, now has a chance to be balanced in a positive manner, depending on the number of people co-operating. The craft has been orbiting this Earth several times a year since 1955 and millions of people have been informed of its existence. The dates of orbit have been given for the next 1,000 years:

April 18th – May 23rd inclusive (*)

July 5th – August 5th inclusive

September 3rd – October 9th inclusive

November 4th – December 10th inclusive

“The karmic implications of this are enormous. Unfortunately the majority of people on Earth today are focusing their attention on selfish deeds, the manipulations and control of others, possession of material goods, or just sheer laziness and apathy when it comes to facing the real issues threatening mankind and our Planet. The spiritual workers on the other hand number just a few in comparison with the ignorant masses who lack God realization.

“In deference to the ‘good’ people on Earth, the Cosmic Masters who have been observing our Planet for thousands upon thousands of years and who did exchange knowledge and wisdom with us in previous civilizations, are extending a most practical gift to us – the ‘energy supply’ to allow us to help ourselves. The ancient Masters are acknowledging the fact that we have freewill on this Planet and they cannot therefore interfere direct with our thoughts and actions but they can inspire us and guide us in many ways if we would but listen.

“The Aetherius Society, which is a worldwide Spiritual Brotherhood, have their own ways of co-operating with Satellite No. 3 in a most potent way through dynamic prayer meetings, etc. but anyone on this planet can tune into these wonderful energies and use them for the benefit of themselves and others – as long as their motive is pure. The energies cannot be used for evil – they will just not work.

“So while Satellite No. 3 is in orbit of Earth we should all go out of our way to send prayers for peace and healing to the world which so desperately needs it.”

Reference: The dates referred to above are known as Spiritual Pushes or Magnetization Periods. For more information, please contact:

(*) Note: For ease of reference, the actual times are as follows, using U.S. Eastern (New York) time:

8pm (summer time) April 18 through 8pm May 23

8pm July 5 through 8pm August 5

8pm September 3 through 8pm October 9

7pm (winter time) November 4 through 7pm December 10

Pacific (California) summer times are 5pm instead of 8pm.

U.K. summer times are 1 am the next day instead of 8pm.


As I am writing this, we are now in a Spiritual Push until August 5th. The next one will commence on September 3rd. There is still hope, light and a helping hand … but in the end, each one of us will have to stand up on our own two feet, realizing who we truly are and play our part in the One Whole.

Exciting times indeed!

Evolution is eternal, divine opportunities are ample but the moment for us here on Earth is NOW!

Putting our priorities first

Since my awakening to spirituality in my early 20s, I have felt a strong sense of urgency. My life has been a long quest.

Although I have earned my living by working in the “material” world, I have always put my spiritual interests first. By doing this, I feel I have created a pathway that has always supported me.

It is my belief that it is the same for the world we live in. By placing importance to human factors such as kindness, helpfulness, co-operation, meaningful survival, etc., and then extending this outwards to the animal, plant and mineral kingdom and concern for the planet Herself, we create conditions which will naturally support all life. This is what I call spiritual energy balance.

The Key to Action

My old friend, Owen K Waters of wrote in “The Greatest Mystery of All Time” (July 2013) that he was given the key to “Why was the universe created?” The key is “curiosity”. Here I find my urge, passion, enthusiasm, excitement, fervor, delight … coming to fruition. I just knew it, there must be a driving force and this is it: God in Its perfection was “curious”!

In this enthusiastic fervor I find the word “action” appropriate. My heart urges me to do something, be active in the world today, play my part, make a difference.

Instead of waiting for “God” to do something for me, I want to offer to do something for “God”!

It is time to take the initiative, start something!

Exercise: Look into your own life and feel your inner urge. Knowing what you know, how would you reach out and offer your services to the world? How would you improve the energy grid of the Earth, affecting all?

Spend the next 4 weeks putting some real practical action into your dreams!

Next lesson: Our Free Will

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