The Magical Alchemy Course – Lesson 4


by Amma Magi,
Sweden, 28th June, 2013

In Lesson 3 we explored how to “perceive life through new eyes”. We also started to give time and energy to our new focus as an exercise.

In this lesson we will explore “soul expression”.



As I am writing this I have just celebrated Swedish midsummer in the land of the midnight sun. The summer solstice is the climax of “sun expression” in the northern hemisphere before the cycle starts all over again.

In issue 9 of my Sunlight New Age Journal (1998), which later turned into a website on the Internet, I featured “Soul Expression” as a theme. In my editorial I wrote:

“Dear Friends,

Soul expression is a wonderful thing. When we see it in others we recognise it. The person radiates an aura of magnificence. They look as if they were born into this life for this particular moment.

Often we find ourselves stuck in ordinary mundane life, unable to fulfill our inner dreams. Are we here to serve somebody else’s purpose or to shed the chrysalis limiting our visions and turn into butterflies, freeing our souls? The answer is both. We are here to serve each other as our souls progress on their long journeys back to God. We are all connected. Now is the time to join together and help each other.”

In the same issue I published my exclusive interview with famous song writer and performing troubadour Julie Felix just before her 60th birthday “Crone Concert” in London. She was also releasing her latest album: “Fire my Spirit”.

Julie was born in Santa Barbara, California where she studied drama and dancing but later took up a singing career. She travelled the world, starting with Greece and later settled in England where she hosted her own television show.

During the interview we talked about the renaissance of the 1960s when the mood of young people changed to a new sense of awareness and liberation. A revolution had started, featuring music, fashion and literature, catching both of us in its avalanche. World peace was its motto.

Attending her successful Crone Concert at Queen Elizabeth Hall in London, a sell-out, I experienced “soul expression” first-hand from Julie. A woman of small stature on a large empty stage fully alive with an enthusiasm that set us all on fire. With her guitar she entertained us with rhythmic, soul-infused songs that went on for hours. I remember feeling goose bumps all over and thinking: “she was born for this moment”! No wonder Julie has been hailed in the media as a natural actress who lives every performance of every song.

We can all shine with our inner enthusiasm. Now is the time to release our fire!



We are moving with the times and they are changing.

Soul expression is no longer just exploring our talents as artists, musicians, writers or whatever and exposing them to the world. The next step is to allow our Hearts to express a higher frequency than that of mere words. The new understanding no longer keeps us limited to the brain in our heads but expresses itself in the original brain which forms in the Heart while our fetus is still growing in the womb.

Soul expression is a feeling of elation for me when I connect with the God force. “Expression” is a good term to use as it goes beyond the intellect and thinking capacity into the realm of soul awareness/aliveness. Expression is a force of expansion, like ringlets on the surface of water after a pebble is dropped. Just imagine, you can create waves affecting the whole world and bring about change. Actually you already do but may not be aware of the power you wield. Now, with soul expression, you have a focus, the one and only God within which is connected to the one and only God there is – the Absolute.

Personally I use prayer to release the love and joyous elation I feel for God. Prayer can be a natural heart-centered expression where words in the end may no longer be necessary. Instead it becomes an outpouring of love and gratitude for the privilege of experiencing life on Earth.

Like poetry, create your own heart expression through prayer, knowing that God is listening. You are not alone!

Exercise: Stand or sit comfortably with your hands raised, palms facing outwards, level with the Heart. In other words, the chakras in the palms of your hands are aligned with your Heart chakra, open to receive and transmit energy (prana or universal life force). Feel joy in your heart; feel love filling and surrounding you. You are supported and protected by the energy of Love. There is only you and God and you are One. Express your gratitude!

Finish with the detachment mudra. Move the palm of your right hand over the palm of the left hand once only, in a swift movement, as if you are cutting off an energy flow. Then detach.

Practice as often as you want for the next month.

Remember to smile within!


Next lesson: Spiritual Energy Balance



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