The Magical Alchemy Course – Lesson 2

by Amma Magi,
Greece, 30th April, 2013

In Lesson 1 we explored the meaning of “Magic” and “Alchemy”. We also asked the question: “Who am I really?”

In this lesson we will explore taking new steps to self-discovery.
Why is it important to “know oneself”? Why is life important? I have often wondered.

Based on my own personal experiences, I will share a blog I wrote about six
months ago after attending a weekend retreat called “The Mystery Experience” by
Tim Freke, same title as his book:


Awakening, awareness, ascension, shift, change, transformation …

I can think of dozens of words that conjure up the times we live in, the urgency, the rush …

Suddenly these words feel like an escape, getting away from life as I see it. What’s wrong with life? Why can’t I live life as it is, here and now?

Last weekend I attended a 3-day retreat called “The Mystery Experience”. Tim Freke came over from England to take about 25 of us through philosophical ideas, scientific research, personal experiences and group practices. We stayed at the beautiful Estia Hotel in Finikounda, Messinia, Greece.

I went along with no specific intentions other than having a good time and meeting like-minded people. Having read his new book with the same title I was open to whatever experience was awaiting me.

Now, two days later after being back in the mundane world, I am sitting in my garden with music streaming from the open window of my office behind me, watching the sun
set. What did I get out of this retreat, apart from making many new friends?

I came to realise that the most forbidden longing I carry in my heart is permission to love myself as I am. Could this be the ultimate secret to peace, harmony and well-being in the world? Does every living being on the planet have this same, deep longing to just know and love oneself?

What if I could look at myself in the mirror, see through my eyes into infinite being and
know that I am love? And to be able to embrace it!

Thank you, Tim, for triggering this deep longing to meet myself as the essence of love that I am!

Amma Magi
Missionary of Life



Life needs to be lived. In other words, we are here to breathe, feel, explore, discover, gain experience, learn, become aware, advance, become fully enlightened … and then move on to new experiences in other classrooms of life. Life is endless, infinite.

We are our own best compass when we are in tune with our inner core, feeling harmony and well-being.

Wisdom is within whereas knowledge is what we gather on our journey through experience.

Moments of Silence

The moments of silence we allow ourselves from time to time are precious.
How many times are you aware of all the background noise around you, especially if you live in a city? Or, you may turn on the TV as soon as you get home? Or, you may turn on the radio when you drive your car? What about silence? Can you live with silence for any length of time?

During one of the weekly meditation sessions I take part in, I found that thoughts of all kinds blocked my inner silence. Once I started to follow the rhythm of my breathing, I entered a space which felt like a vacuum. As nature abhors a vacuum it will be filled somehow but this time not with my own thoughts but something “new” was allowed to enter in. In this state of mind or mindlessness I realized I had no wish or want, no needs.

We later talked about beauty in the meditation group. Every snow drop or flower has perfect symmetry and beauty, yet is unlike any other snow drop or flower. Together,
Nature shows us a perfect example. So also with us humans, we have perfect
symmetry within us. How we use it is another matter because we are “conscious
beings”, blessed with freewill.

Knowing your DNA

There is a secret coding within us all which is now being explored by science. DNA stands for deoxyribonucleic acid which is a salt containing the genetic instructions to
develop and maintain living organisms. Salt is a conductor of electromagnetism which makes the DNA regulate the body’s electromagnetic field. It is a dynamic rather than a static blueprint for building our bodies. It also operates as data storage and is able to communicate.

Here is a startling revelation: “DNA does not control your biology. It depends upon the environment in which it lives (you) to instruct its use and replication.” In other words, DNA can be “manipulated” by you through your feelings, thoughts and emotions. (Source: “DNA Is The Secret” by Toni Elizabeth Sar’h Petrinovich, ). For further study, please also read “Biology of Belief” by Bruce Lipton.

We are now getting closer to the core of “who we truly are”, creators in our own right as “Source in Form”.

Exercise: Enjoy just being. Enjoy your breathing. Enjoy seeing beauty in everything,
including yourself. Allow this feeling to spread throughout your bodies, including your DNA. Feel your heart open in Love for You. Expand this Love outwards to encompass the world.

Remember: There is no need to be perfect or to compare yourself to others. Each one of you is unique as you become aware that you are “God/Source in Form”!

By taking small steps towards understanding the truth of our being, we will be ready to perceive life through new eyes. This will be the next lesson in the monthly Magical Alchemy Course.


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