The Magical Alchemy Course – Lesson 1

by Amma Magi,
Greece, 22nd March, 2013

As I am preparing this educational course based on my experiences and knowing, I was sitting on my terrace this evening watching the sunset as the huge golden globe slowly disappeared beyond the horizon. The air was cool with a sharp breeze, making the colour of the sky even more clear and pure. I marveled at this sheer magic!

When I first moved to the ancient lands of Greece, nearly fifteen years ago, my most precious time of the day was watching the magic of sunset, each evening different. This became a meditation for me. I realised after an exciting and fulfilling life, mainly spent in London, at the age of 50 I was not prepared for this. It was as if I was watching a sunset for the first time. There was no pressure to follow my watch, keeping to a tight schedule or being fearful of missing something important. What could be more important than this?

In those early days in Greece, being completely alone and bewildered by the sudden twist of fate in my life, I gazed into the setting sun thinking I knew nothing. Yes, bewilderment! What now?

Since then much has happened which has brought an almost shamanistic self-empowerment into my life. For example, I changed my name from Marie to Amma Magi after a powerful ceremony with a group of women. A magical flow has led me to where I am today.

This evening I came to a new and for me profound realization. Looking into the huge reddish ball of fire across the sea, slowly sinking behind the mountains in the west, I realized yet again that, in the grand scheme of things, I really do not know anything. But this time the sense of wonder was enhanced and filled me completely. There was no need to know. There was no need for anything else in that magical moment.

And here I am, ready to share my life-transforming healing magic with you all.

I open my Heart and greet you welcome!

Amma Magi


Whatever your background or life situation, know that you are exactly where you need to be. Your Soul has chosen this particular body you inhabit, your family and supportive friends as well as the people causing you to face challenges in life. You are here to progress through experience. Whatever is confronting you, know that you have free will to choose. And there are options.

In this series of nine lessons, the essence is based on the ancient Greek maxim: Man know thyself! In October of 2012, I had the privilege of re-visiting the Sanctuary of Delphi in Greece where this ancient maxim was proudly displayed above the Temple of Apollo. I was guided to cleanse and re-spiritualize this sacred ground, which I did.

This present year 2013, feels different. We are now entering into a new era of healing awareness, starting with ourselves and expanding outwards.

Who are we really?

Let us explore.


Why magic?

It is known by science that the human body is 99% space although we appear to be physically solid. How come? We are multidimensional beings. No physical matter can exist without its auric counterpart. The aura consists of a subtle energy field which is actually egg-shaped in form. We cannot see this with our physical eyes unless we are clairvoyant. Hence the hidden mystery throughout history which is now being unveiled. It is the auric body we take with us when we enter other realms of existence, either in dreams, projected states or when we die.

In essence we are solidified sunlight. Within the wavelengths of light flows a vibration which carries our feelings, thoughts and actions. How much are you aware of your own magic? Yes, magic is so simple. It is how you use your feelings, thoughts and actions. Are you aware of the effect you have on your environment? Even more important, are you aware of your real potential?

I like to use the word “magic” as a paintbrush. Imagine you have a white canvas in front of you. What do you want to create? What colours, what harmony, what beauty? Or what incoherency stirs your inner being? You are the master.

Let us imagine we are aware of life as it is in our “reality”. We feel we have enough insights into the world around us, all the drama we watch or read about in the media, to want to turn away and find another way of life.

The basic curse of mankind, since ancient times, seems to be ignorance. There often appears to be some authority or other towering over our heads, telling us how to think, behave and what to do.

Certainly, we are conditioned by our upbringing, schooling, our culture, etc., but looking at it another way, we also chose our circumstances before birth. Now we are here to change what needs to be changed. We are all magicians!

Why alchemy?

Some of the most common definitions of “alchemy” relate to the transmutation of common metals into gold or the discovery of a panacea, a magical elixir which will cure all ailments or make you ageless.

In this lesson I will use the word “alchemy” as meaning the transmutation, or rather transformation, of our physical bodies to create balance and well-being.

Let us look once again at our auric energy field. It is here any disease or disharmony manifests first before affecting our physical bodies. Each emotion colours the aura which can quite clearly be seen by a clairvoyant. The red of anger or passion, the green of harmony and balance, etc. This is a process of alchemy in itself which we can affect in our daily lives.

So who are we really?

A new pattern

If anything is going to change, we have to start by believing a change is possible. It is time to create a new perspective on life based on who we truly are.

Start right now by taking a good look at yourself as a person who is unique, amazing, remarkable, wonderful, miraculous! Feel your own uniqueness and allow the joy to fill every cell of your being. You chose to be alive in these exciting times of new opportunities together with millions of others. Be your own role model!

Spend some time during the next four weeks contemplating on the question: “Who am I really?” Make it your mantra and then listen within for the answer. You know it!

Coming up next month: Taking new steps to self-discovery!

©Amma Magi 2013 – Permission is granted to copy and redistribute the lessons contained in The Magical Alchemy Course on condition that the content remains complete, full credit is given to the author Amma Magi, her website address is published and the lessons are distributed free of charge.