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There is magic in asking for help.

God is always there to listen. Sometimes we forget as we believe we cannot physically see God but we can. God/Life is all around us in every human being and animal, in every tree and flower, in every rock, in the oceans, the sun and the vast universe. God/Life is everywhere and It listens.

Some years ago, facing my own challenges, I threw a rock into the ocean representing all my burdens which no longer served me and surrendered to God. An act of faith. Within days miracles happened which lifted my heart into new dimensions and still continue to do so. Now I work for God!

There are two expressions which may be difficult to utter from the depth of our hearts:

  • I love you
  • Please help me

Love is the real healer. It is a universal energy easily accessible to us all. If it is truly expressed from the heart the recipient will feel it. A bonus, the energy of love multiplies!

Asking for help can be one of the most difficult things to do. When we are down on our knees, both literally and figuratively, we need to counter our pride with honesty. God help me!

Apart from offering a free Self-Healing Guide and Magical Alchemy Course on this website I am also offering my personal services in the form of distant healing and counseling for a modest fee. Please feel free to contact me for details.


Amma Magi

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