The Magical Alchemy Course – Lesson 9

by Amma Magi

30th November, 2013


First of all I would like to thank the many students who have expressed their gratitude and appreciation for this “free” Magical Alchemy Course. I am very pleased to share my experiences and insights which may be useful to others on their journey through life.

The aim of the course is to explore many different steps in humanity’s spiritual growth which will eventually lead to the ancient Greek maxim: “Human know thyself”!

All previous lessons from this study course, which started on 1st April this year, are available on this website: To reach the first lesson, please click on “The Magical Alchemy Course – Lesson 5” and from there go to the top of the page and click “previous” until you reach Lesson 1.

We are now moving on to the last lesson in this course.



Delphi in Greece is renowned as the ancient site of the god Apollo and the oracle Pythia. It was visited for many centuries by leading heads of states and people from all walks of life seeking advice. It was here the famous axiom “Man know thyself” was inscribed in the Sanctuary wall for all to see.

Excavations have shown that as early as the Mycenaean period (c 14th to 11th century BC) a female deity, the goddess Gaia (Mother Earth) was worshiped here before the cult of Apollo took over.

My first visit to Delphi took place in September 1997. I was full of excitement, well prepared wearing a beautiful short-sleeved but long summer dress, white with small pink flowers, and a white sun hat. I wanted to look good in the eyes of Apollo, the Sun god, whom I expected was still protecting his sacred sanctuary. Little did I know at the time that I was to completely transform my busy life in London and move to Greece only two years later.

I will now share with you Release No. 62 from my other website: posted on 23rd January this year:

The Theatre of Life

In October 2012 I walked through the entrance gate of the Sanctuary of Delphi in Greece. I started to ascend the ancient stone steps, leading me higher and higher up the steep mountain side. Surrounded by crumbling stone monuments, bearing witness to rituals and ceremonies throughout the centuries, I wondered what evil forces had eventually destroyed this world-renowned sacred site and removed its beneficial influence.

I was alone, my fellow traveller waiting for me down below due to a physical handicap, although I passed by hundreds of visitors from all corners of the world judging by the many different languages I could hear.

An unseen force led me onwards and upwards. At one time the Oracles of Delphi were considered the most powerful seers in the ancient world. A silent inner voice told me I was on a mission. This place needed cleansing and re-energizing. Now was the time.

I looked for a quiet place, a bit distant from the steady flow of visitors, and found a large flat stone amongst some tall pine trees. Above me was the golden sun on a clear blue sky. I settled down, went into soul consciousness and started my ritual. First I clearly stated my intention and asked for permission. I then continued with holy mantra and performed a service of “The Twelve Blessings”. For nearly an hour I enjoyed the blissful state I had created and the beautiful scenery around me as I felt the power of the mountain rising up through my body. Having completed my mission, I then left the place quickly, feeling a lightness in my steps as if I had wings.

Joining my friend, we continued our journey which had been a spontaneous unplanned fun weekend exploring Greece.

Until today, when I related my story to a friend, I had not placed any particular significance to my visit which I had not shared with anyone. Now, when we are already in 2013, I feel last year 2012 was a tough year of challenge, cleansing and preparing for a new stage on the Theatre of Life.

The path ahead seems clear.

*   *   *   *   *

The circle is never really completed. When one door is closed another will open. Life is offering infinite possibilities of expansion!




The new flow of energy entering into the Earth atmosphere through The Shift is offering us a gift: Knowingness!

Yes, we do know who we truly are if only we can remember.



An interesting revelation came to me as a wise man was explaining the word “Alithea”  in Greek, meaning Truth. He told me that the prefix “a” means a negative “not” and the word “lethi” can be translated as “sleep”. So here we have “not sleep”, meaning “wakefulness”. Further “lethi” can be translated in English terms as “lethargy”, meaning laziness, sluggishness, apathy. So not being lethargic also means being awake. It is also the word for “Truth” in Greek!

The famous Greek philosopher Pythagoras (c. 570 – c. 495 BC), revered as a mathematician, mystic and scientist, is known to have told his students: “I will teach you nothing. I will remind you!”

Even the great Socrates (c. 469 – 399 BC), whose words are preserved by the grace of his disciple Plato, is known to have explained through the work “Kratylos” that the two words, ali-thia can be construed as “move” and “divine”. Why not “the Divine Plan”?

We are connected with the Macrocosmos through us being Microcosmos.

The Greek language is really brilliant!


So where are we going?

“The Divine Plan” indicates that we are guided towards our ultimate destination – Home! So where is home? Our yearning and search for Truth leads us to our intimate connection with the Divine. We are Divine. We are Home whenever we are connected to the Divine.

We are God! Just allow yourself to know that you are Home!


Towards a New World and a New Humanity

Chrissie Blaze, in her book “Deeper into Love”, uses the words “divine hook-up”. She emphases the importance of aligning ourselves with the Divine as the first action of the day.  By offering a prayer to live each day in a positive, loving way, we set our intention in the direction of love. This becomes the daily “divine hook-up”.

In her book Chrissie writes: “Now the time is urgent for global change. It is vital that all caring, thoughtful humans become ‘mystic activists’ prepared to use the power of love – that mystic fuel of the heart – to help strengthen and heal themselves as well as others. Now the need to reveal our deeper nature is ever more pressing.”



There is a Sufi saying: “One who discovers his own self, discovers God”.

There is also a saying attributed to the Christian mystic Dionysus the Areopagite: “At the end of all our knowing, we shall know God as the unknown”.

Have you ever thought of what you really “know”?

Is “knowing” the same as belief, trust, faith, conditioning, following mass consciousness? Have you ever known anything by your own explorations?

Yes, we do have intuition, an inner compass that guides us. The path of self-empowerment is all about getting to know ourselves – from within.

Humankind as a whole is now coming into a new knowingness through the enhanced frequency changes on the Planet as we attune ourselves.


Prepare yourself and attune!


Exercise:  Look up towards the sky. Feel in your heart unconditional love for “All There Is”, as you perceive the Universe. You are truly a part of it. Your heart is pulsating with the beat of the Universe. You are One with the Universe. You are “All There Is”!


Recommended reading:

“The Twelve Blessings”, published by The Aetherius Society

“Deeper into Love” by Chrissie Blaze



Amma Magi, Missionary of Life




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