The Magical Alchemy Course – Lesson 8

by Amma Magi

29th October, 2013


Exciting! We are now moving from a Global Vision to a Universal Vision in the next but last lesson of this Course.

All previous lessons are available on this website:, aiming at “humanity know thyself!”



I usually start each lesson with a personal experience. As a graduate student in my late teens I was given an assignment to present a discourse and chose the subject: natural sciences. I did not believe in a God or religion as such but wanted to prove that science had all the answers. My research was very thorough and I felt ready to take on my contemporaries with the “hard facts”.

What do I know now that I wish I had known when I was eighteen? There are no regrets but I have learnt to appreciate life itself as a teacher. Rote learning and repetition of so called “facts” fade in comparison with daily experience, learning my own skills and reading real-life stories.

One book that comes to mind is an old classic: Very Stanley Alder’s “From the Mundane to the Magnificent – Memories and Reflections”. Being a successful portrait painter, living in England during the Second World War, Vera also became a teacher of profound spiritual truths. Her first book had been published, “The Finding of the Third Eye”, containing the ageless wisdom but Vera was not satisfied despite the book being well received. She lacked practical “first-hand” experience of what she had learnt and begged for a teacher. After bouts of frustration, a guide suddenly appeared.

In Chapter 8 of this book, “Hidden Lives”, Vera writes about her personal guide Raphael who takes her on astral out-of-body journeys outside our Earth’s sphere:

“It did not seem strange to me when for the second time I found myself floating rapidly upwards by Raphael’s side, and soon leaving the Earth far behind me. I thought I knew what to expect. I imagined I had seen it all. So I quietly enjoyed the beautiful and mysterious scene. I gave a gasp of pleasure as the planets came into view, circling at their different speeds around the Sun. Soon the solar system was seen in its entirety, clustered beneath our feet. I then realized that we had ceased our own rapid travelling and were poised in space, and commanding a full view of the brilliant Sun and his starry kingdom. I watched intently, wondering if I would soon be able to discern the etheric web. Instead, however, I found that my eyes were focusing to view the giant astral bubble which encased the solar system. It was indescribably beautiful, with waves of iridescent colours passing softly through and around it. Surprisingly, the whole bubble was rotating as if upon an axis. Quickly I turned to watch the bubble within which Raphael stood, erect and silent. There again I had an impression of rotation, of a very definite ordered circulatory motion. Quite right, answered Raphael to my unspoken thought. I hoped you would observe it. You see, life is held within form through the activities of rotation.”

Another citation by Raphael later in the same chapter which awakened my curiosity is: “My friend, there is really only one thing which I find incredible of all that I see – and that is the utter blindness of human ignorance.”

Why don’t we know our relationship with the universe? Of course we know, but we have forgotten!



How far does your mind stretch? Do you ever contemplate the vastness of the universe? Well, maybe it is about time because the universe is our home.

Science is showing that the atoms in our bodies contain more space than matter.

Mysticism is showing that we are all connected through an etheric web stretching throughout the vast cosmos.


What is the Universe?

According to Wikipedia on the Internet: “The Universe is commonly defined as the totality of existence including planets, stars, galaxies, the contents of intergalactic space and all matter and energy. Similar terms include the cosmos, the world and nature.”

This is the scientific way of looking at the physical aspects of the universe.

If we take the non-physical approach, where science meets mysticism, the universe can also be defined as the Absolute, the All That Is.

As we are now expanding our vision from global to universal, in which direction do we start?


Microcosmic and Macrocosmic

How do we fathom the enormous size of the universe? Why is it said that humankind is made in the image of God?

By examining the concept of “macrocosmic” and “microcosmic” we soon discover an inter-connectedness. In reality, the same energy that drives a Sun through space is the same energy that makes our small heart beat!

It is also said “as above, so below”, or “the Kingdom is within”. There is a connection between all life/energy in the whole universe. However we look at it, whichever end we start, we are still part of it, a very essential part!


Space Travel

How can we talk about the universe without also talking about space travel? How else can we explore the vastness of space? There are more ways to discover what is “out there” than building heavy space rockets with limited range.

We can also use our own vehicles by rotating out of our physical bodies and travel in our astral counterparts, as we do during the sleep state. This vessel is capable of speeds of thought, which is faster than light, and can cover the distance from Earth to Mars, for example, in seconds.

Another way of space travel is through the well-proven and safe system of meditation. By discovering the Kingdom Within, through silence and inner reflection, we can journey as far as the outer reaches of the universe and learn many things.

Yes, reality can be stranger than fiction. We are our own discovery channels!



The discovery of “wormholes”, passageways forming short-cuts through space, is also opening up new scientific possibilities to journeys undreamed before.

There is no real distance to reach whatever we aim for. Yes, what are we aiming for?


Life in the Universe

As we are opening up to a Universal Vision, there is a wonderful surprise awaiting us. There is intelligent life out there awaiting our awakening!

There is really no Earth, Solar System, Galaxy and beyond, only different learning locations in God’s omnipotent vastness. Yes, the universe is a university with many classrooms awaiting us. As above, so below.

There is a stairway leading up to ever more experiences for each and every one of us to reach the ultimate goal: Universal/Unconditional LOVE !


Exercise:  Spend time alternating between watching the starry sky at night with time spent in inner reflection or meditation. Express gratitude. Allow yourself to wonder about the magnificence of All That Is!


Study material:

“From the Mundane to the Magnificent – Memories and Reflections” by Vera Stanley Alder

“You Are Responsible!” by Dr George King

“The Twelve Blessings – The Cosmic Concept as given by The Master Jesus” published by The Aetherius Society


Next lesson: Humankind – know thyself!


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