The Magical Alchemy Course – Lesson 3


by Amma Magi
Greece, 27 May, 2013

In Lesson 2 we explored “taking new steps to self-discovery”.  We also asked the question: Why is it important to “know oneself”?

In this lesson we will explore our perception on life. How we perceive life is often based on our belief system. And where does that come from?

As an introduction I would like to share a message I posted on my other website towards the end of last year:


Release No. 59

8th November, 2012


It was a marathon – a 10-hour performance by David Icke at Wembley arena in London on Saturday 27th October 2012 entitled “Remember Who You Are”. I was following events through a live Internet link. From what I could see, there was a huge audience to full capacity at Wembley plus all the subscribers worldwide to the live link. I can’t imagine how many were watching. I also had friends in my house.

Congratulations, David! I thought I had heard it all before but your down-to-earth common sense, generosity of sharing your research combined with inner wisdom, warm humour and musical interludes with dance features, made it all relevant. (

So what did I learn?

What I need is a change of perspective; how I look at things. To whom do I give my energy? As a metaphysician I am always aware of my “energy output”, be it thoughts or actions? I am so easily influenced by things I watch on TV/movies, read in newspapers/books or people I meet. It can easily throw me off balance.

Remember who I am. Yes, it is time to change perspective, see things with new eyes and allow myself to “marvel”.

I live NOW, not yesterday or tomorrow. It is in the NOW I can change my perspective.

How do you marvel?

Amma Magi – Missionary of Life



How do I perceive life? Well, usually through my five senses: hearing, sight, smell, taste and touch. I see with my eyes, hear with my ears, taste with my tongue, smell with my nose and touch with my fingers and toes.

Then comes my sixth sense, the intuitive. This is where it is easy to doubt myself. Am I really something more than what my five senses perceive? Here is my challenge, to see myself as I really am.



Awakening means looking at life with new eyes, seeing a new reality. That takes courage. What is really good and bad? Maybe the “bad” is more honest than the “good” because you know the “bad” is bad but what if the “good” one, whom you trust, suddenly turns “bad”? Where do you stand?

This idea of good versus bad came to me recently as I watched the popular movie “Pirates of the Caribbean – The curse of the Black Pearl”. It explores the concept of good and bad, conscience and conformity. At the end of the movie, each one has to follow his/her own conscience. This has always been my belief. Can I sleep at night with my own conscience? What is freedom unless we drop being judgmental? As the actor Johnny Depp, being the brave pirate, ends the movie, finally in charge of his own ship: “Now, bring me that horizon!”



When I now look at the news media, which for many of us is the main “trusted” source of information, telling me what is happening in the world, do I believe it? I have to ask myself, where is my focus? On finding my inner harmony, balance, well-being and how I can serve the world to make it a better place for everyone, or do I react to every fear-ridden news item about terrorism, crimes, suffering and death causing worry which in turn undermines my health and makes me feel powerless? What would you choose?

When you choose your focus in life, you virtually open up a line of communication between you and the subject of your choice, just like the Law of Attraction. You are building a path through the ether and are therefore magnetically drawn to your subject. Whether you are successful will depend on the time and energy you are willing to spend.

As my focus for many years has been on Healing, I am constantly updating myself as I attract in a natural way new healing tools and modules as they just “appear” to me. Healing has become more than just “laying on hands”, it is also about awakening to inner wisdom.

Where is your focus? Have you developed a keen interest in something you wish to explore? Maybe it is spiritual growth? How to become a more healthy and useful human being, serving your community? Whatever it is, make it your number one focus. It all starts with you.

Once the choice is made, you will be amazed at the people and information suddenly coming into your life. The joy will be overwhelming. It certainly has for me. Surprise yourself!


Exercise: Give yourself time off from computers, mobile phones or whatever holds your daily attention for a little while and watch yourself being naturally drawn to a focus of your liking. Start giving time and energy to your new focus. Watch what happens over the next month!


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