We have entered strange times since I started my Healing Mission in 1970. Who could expect this? The world in 2021. I am thinking of health and healthy living on Planet Earth.

After fifty years as a Spiritual Healer, I now regard myself as a Miracle! Six years ago I suddenly had a severe stroke with a near-death experience, which left me half-paralyzed. It gave me time for a slow ”Inner Pilgrimage” with plenty of Meditation. I needed care and I received it, both in Greece and in Sweden.

Experience has taught me that healing is holistic. Mind, Body and Spirit in balance. Sun, fresh air and clean water are essential ingredients together with healthy food. Add joy, light and love – in abundance.

This year (Earth Year 58**), I have started THE HEALTHCRAFT MISSION. All efforts are directed to Health and Healing for Mother Earth and All Life upon Her.

The world is facing a crucial point on many levels. It takes all of us, as individuals, to play our part in the healing process. All the good we perform, for ourselves and others, with joy in our Hearts, adds to the positive Karma of the world. The more we do, the more joy and renewed energy we receive.

You take care of the small things in life and the big things take care of us.

Know that you are the Miracle!



**Earth Year 1, Day 1, was started on July 8th 1964. Reference Dr George King, Founder-President of The Aetherius Society.


Who am I?

I was born in Sweden in 1949. After leaving college, I moved to London, England and worked my way into becoming a freelance journalist. My days were filled with the clamour of the business world, but my heart was searching for that something that calls within each and every one of us.

There is a Soul Plan for each and every one of us. I just know it from personal experience. One sunny afternoon, my eye was caught by a quiet, mystical man in a London park who asked me: “Do you believe in God?” I answered him: “No, I don’t.” “But you must”, he countered.

A long conversation ensued while sitting on a park bench. The outcome was two-fold. The next day I went to my local library in search of books about God. He also predicted that within nine months I would be a healer. I did find a book at the library which changed my life and soon afterwards I was a practicing healer.

Healing and spiritual teachings became everything to me. After forty years of experience as a practicing healer, I have long since gained the ability to see into a situation and apply the exact, needed energy to bring balance and wellness back into being.

After a deeply transforming spiritual experience in 1999, I quit the hustle-bustle of life in London, followed my heart and moved to Greece. Out in the quiet countryside where I live now, you can feel the sacred energies of this ancient cradle of civilization. Here, I devote my life in service to humanity through healing and writing.

I wrote the free Spiritual Self-Healing guide to spread the word about how easy it is to attract the universal life energies into your body and bring about seemingly miraculous recoveries.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions about this technique after reading the guide.

I offer my own services as an expert healer with a lifetime of wonderful experiences in the field of spiritual healing. Should you need my professional help, I am here for you always and I do offer convenient, introductory specials on distant healing.

Click here for the free Spiritual Self-Healing Guide.

Contact me: Email Amma Magi.

Amma Magi Healing Magic

There is magic in asking for help.

God is always there to listen. Sometimes we forget as we believe we cannot physically see God but we can. God/Life is all around us in every human being and animal, in every tree and flower, in every rock, in the oceans, the sun and the vast universe. God/Life is everywhere and It listens.

Some years ago, facing my own challenges, I threw a rock into the ocean representing all my burdens which no longer served me and surrendered to God. An act of faith. Within days miracles happened which lifted my heart into new dimensions and still continue to do so. Now I work for God!

There are two expressions which may be difficult to utter from the depth of our hearts:

  • I love you
  • Please help me

Love is the real healer. It is a universal energy easily accessible to us all. If it is truly expressed from the heart the recipient will feel it. A bonus, the energy of love multiplies!

Asking for help can be one of the most difficult things to do. When we are down on our knees, both literally and figuratively, we need to counter our pride with honesty. God help me!

Apart from offering a free Self-Healing Guide and Magical Alchemy Course on this website I am also offering my personal services in the form of distant healing and counseling for a modest fee. Please feel free to contact me for details.


Amma Magi

The Oracle of Healing

When Miracles Occur

There is a reason for everything that happens to us.

Whether we feel overwhelmed by a difficult situation or are fearful of a threatening health condition, there are times when we need to call out for help and should do so. We open ourselves up to receive guidance and support and at the same time offer others the opportunity to come forward in service. Communication and co-operation bring greater understanding and healing to everyone involved.

I have noticed that miracles often occur in my healing work when people are detaching from results and letting go of any expectations. It then becomes a form of surrender, a handing over of their difficulties to an outside trusted source, be that God or a fellow human being.

But first we need to make an effort to find solutions. When we come to the point when we can say “everything I have tried so far has failed; what do I do next?” then we are often ready to listen.

Part of the magic of healing is to listen to our own inner voice. It will always guide us. As part of the distant healing sessions I offer, I also recommend my clients to set aside time each day to create a sacred space for relaxation and for listening.

Comments from clients:

“Thank you so much Amma … for without your kindness and sharing of your gifts I don’t believe I would be in a better state.”  B.V., USA

“I felt the energy you tapped into really did make contact with my higher self. I felt a feeling of joy and bliss came over me. You are indeed a beacon of light needed at this time.” W.B.,  USA

“The spiritual uplifting has been the most dramatic. I am so very grateful for your many gifts.” J.C., USA

Please feel free to contact me for details of my special offers.


Amma Magi

The Magical Alchemy Course – Lesson 1

by Amma Magi,
Greece, 22nd March, 2013

As I am preparing this educational course based on my experiences and knowing, I was sitting on my terrace this evening watching the sunset as the huge golden globe slowly disappeared beyond the horizon. The air was cool with a sharp breeze, making the colour of the sky even more clear and pure. I marveled at this sheer magic!

When I first moved to the ancient lands of Greece, nearly fifteen years ago, my most precious time of the day was watching the magic of sunset, each evening different. This became a meditation for me. I realised after an exciting and fulfilling life, mainly spent in London, at the age of 50 I was not prepared for this. It was as if I was watching a sunset for the first time. There was no pressure to follow my watch, keeping to a tight schedule or being fearful of missing something important. What could be more important than this?

In those early days in Greece, being completely alone and bewildered by the sudden twist of fate in my life, I gazed into the setting sun thinking I knew nothing. Yes, bewilderment! What now?

Since then much has happened which has brought an almost shamanistic self-empowerment into my life. For example, I changed my name from Marie to Amma Magi after a powerful ceremony with a group of women. A magical flow has led me to where I am today.

This evening I came to a new and for me profound realization. Looking into the huge reddish ball of fire across the sea, slowly sinking behind the mountains in the west, I realized yet again that, in the grand scheme of things, I really do not know anything. But this time the sense of wonder was enhanced and filled me completely. There was no need to know. There was no need for anything else in that magical moment.

And here I am, ready to share my life-transforming healing magic with you all.

I open my Heart and greet you welcome!

Amma Magi


Whatever your background or life situation, know that you are exactly where you need to be. Your Soul has chosen this particular body you inhabit, your family and supportive friends as well as the people causing you to face challenges in life. You are here to progress through experience. Whatever is confronting you, know that you have free will to choose. And there are options.

In this series of nine lessons, the essence is based on the ancient Greek maxim: Man know thyself! In October of 2012, I had the privilege of re-visiting the Sanctuary of Delphi in Greece where this ancient maxim was proudly displayed above the Temple of Apollo. I was guided to cleanse and re-spiritualize this sacred ground, which I did.

This present year 2013, feels different. We are now entering into a new era of healing awareness, starting with ourselves and expanding outwards.

Who are we really?

Let us explore.


Why magic?

It is known by science that the human body is 99% space although we appear to be physically solid. How come? We are multidimensional beings. No physical matter can exist without its auric counterpart. The aura consists of a subtle energy field which is actually egg-shaped in form. We cannot see this with our physical eyes unless we are clairvoyant. Hence the hidden mystery throughout history which is now being unveiled. It is the auric body we take with us when we enter other realms of existence, either in dreams, projected states or when we die.

In essence we are solidified sunlight. Within the wavelengths of light flows a vibration which carries our feelings, thoughts and actions. How much are you aware of your own magic? Yes, magic is so simple. It is how you use your feelings, thoughts and actions. Are you aware of the effect you have on your environment? Even more important, are you aware of your real potential?

I like to use the word “magic” as a paintbrush. Imagine you have a white canvas in front of you. What do you want to create? What colours, what harmony, what beauty? Or what incoherency stirs your inner being? You are the master.

Let us imagine we are aware of life as it is in our “reality”. We feel we have enough insights into the world around us, all the drama we watch or read about in the media, to want to turn away and find another way of life.

The basic curse of mankind, since ancient times, seems to be ignorance. There often appears to be some authority or other towering over our heads, telling us how to think, behave and what to do.

Certainly, we are conditioned by our upbringing, schooling, our culture, etc., but looking at it another way, we also chose our circumstances before birth. Now we are here to change what needs to be changed. We are all magicians!

Why alchemy?

Some of the most common definitions of “alchemy” relate to the transmutation of common metals into gold or the discovery of a panacea, a magical elixir which will cure all ailments or make you ageless.

In this lesson I will use the word “alchemy” as meaning the transmutation, or rather transformation, of our physical bodies to create balance and well-being.

Let us look once again at our auric energy field. It is here any disease or disharmony manifests first before affecting our physical bodies. Each emotion colours the aura which can quite clearly be seen by a clairvoyant. The red of anger or passion, the green of harmony and balance, etc. This is a process of alchemy in itself which we can affect in our daily lives.

So who are we really?

A new pattern

If anything is going to change, we have to start by believing a change is possible. It is time to create a new perspective on life based on who we truly are.

Start right now by taking a good look at yourself as a person who is unique, amazing, remarkable, wonderful, miraculous! Feel your own uniqueness and allow the joy to fill every cell of your being. You chose to be alive in these exciting times of new opportunities together with millions of others. Be your own role model!

Spend some time during the next four weeks contemplating on the question: “Who am I really?” Make it your mantra and then listen within for the answer. You know it!

Coming up next month: Taking new steps to self-discovery!

©Amma Magi 2013 – Permission is granted to copy and redistribute the lessons contained in The Magical Alchemy Course on condition that the content remains complete, full credit is given to the author Amma Magi, her website address is published and the lessons are distributed free of charge.

The Magical Alchemy Course – Lesson 2

by Amma Magi,
Greece, 30th April, 2013

In Lesson 1 we explored the meaning of “Magic” and “Alchemy”. We also asked the question: “Who am I really?”

In this lesson we will explore taking new steps to self-discovery.
Why is it important to “know oneself”? Why is life important? I have often wondered.

Based on my own personal experiences, I will share a blog I wrote about six
months ago after attending a weekend retreat called “The Mystery Experience” by
Tim Freke, same title as his book:


Awakening, awareness, ascension, shift, change, transformation …

I can think of dozens of words that conjure up the times we live in, the urgency, the rush …

Suddenly these words feel like an escape, getting away from life as I see it. What’s wrong with life? Why can’t I live life as it is, here and now?

Last weekend I attended a 3-day retreat called “The Mystery Experience”. Tim Freke came over from England to take about 25 of us through philosophical ideas, scientific research, personal experiences and group practices. We stayed at the beautiful Estia Hotel in Finikounda, Messinia, Greece.

I went along with no specific intentions other than having a good time and meeting like-minded people. Having read his new book with the same title I was open to whatever experience was awaiting me.

Now, two days later after being back in the mundane world, I am sitting in my garden with music streaming from the open window of my office behind me, watching the sun
set. What did I get out of this retreat, apart from making many new friends?

I came to realise that the most forbidden longing I carry in my heart is permission to love myself as I am. Could this be the ultimate secret to peace, harmony and well-being in the world? Does every living being on the planet have this same, deep longing to just know and love oneself?

What if I could look at myself in the mirror, see through my eyes into infinite being and
know that I am love? And to be able to embrace it!

Thank you, Tim, for triggering this deep longing to meet myself as the essence of love that I am!

Amma Magi
Missionary of Life



Life needs to be lived. In other words, we are here to breathe, feel, explore, discover, gain experience, learn, become aware, advance, become fully enlightened … and then move on to new experiences in other classrooms of life. Life is endless, infinite.

We are our own best compass when we are in tune with our inner core, feeling harmony and well-being.

Wisdom is within whereas knowledge is what we gather on our journey through experience.

Moments of Silence

The moments of silence we allow ourselves from time to time are precious.
How many times are you aware of all the background noise around you, especially if you live in a city? Or, you may turn on the TV as soon as you get home? Or, you may turn on the radio when you drive your car? What about silence? Can you live with silence for any length of time?

During one of the weekly meditation sessions I take part in, I found that thoughts of all kinds blocked my inner silence. Once I started to follow the rhythm of my breathing, I entered a space which felt like a vacuum. As nature abhors a vacuum it will be filled somehow but this time not with my own thoughts but something “new” was allowed to enter in. In this state of mind or mindlessness I realized I had no wish or want, no needs.

We later talked about beauty in the meditation group. Every snow drop or flower has perfect symmetry and beauty, yet is unlike any other snow drop or flower. Together,
Nature shows us a perfect example. So also with us humans, we have perfect
symmetry within us. How we use it is another matter because we are “conscious
beings”, blessed with freewill.

Knowing your DNA

There is a secret coding within us all which is now being explored by science. DNA stands for deoxyribonucleic acid which is a salt containing the genetic instructions to
develop and maintain living organisms. Salt is a conductor of electromagnetism which makes the DNA regulate the body’s electromagnetic field. It is a dynamic rather than a static blueprint for building our bodies. It also operates as data storage and is able to communicate.

Here is a startling revelation: “DNA does not control your biology. It depends upon the environment in which it lives (you) to instruct its use and replication.” In other words, DNA can be “manipulated” by you through your feelings, thoughts and emotions. (Source: “DNA Is The Secret” by Toni Elizabeth Sar’h Petrinovich, ). For further study, please also read “Biology of Belief” by Bruce Lipton.

We are now getting closer to the core of “who we truly are”, creators in our own right as “Source in Form”.

Exercise: Enjoy just being. Enjoy your breathing. Enjoy seeing beauty in everything,
including yourself. Allow this feeling to spread throughout your bodies, including your DNA. Feel your heart open in Love for You. Expand this Love outwards to encompass the world.

Remember: There is no need to be perfect or to compare yourself to others. Each one of you is unique as you become aware that you are “God/Source in Form”!

By taking small steps towards understanding the truth of our being, we will be ready to perceive life through new eyes. This will be the next lesson in the monthly Magical Alchemy Course.


© Amma Magi 2013 – Permission is granted to copy and redistribute the lessons contained in The Magical Alchemy Course on condition that the content remains complete, full credit is given to the author Amma Magi, her website address is published and the lessons are distributed free of charge.

The Magical Alchemy Course – Lesson 3


by Amma Magi
Greece, 27 May, 2013

In Lesson 2 we explored “taking new steps to self-discovery”.  We also asked the question: Why is it important to “know oneself”?

In this lesson we will explore our perception on life. How we perceive life is often based on our belief system. And where does that come from?

As an introduction I would like to share a message I posted on my other website towards the end of last year:


Release No. 59

8th November, 2012


It was a marathon – a 10-hour performance by David Icke at Wembley arena in London on Saturday 27th October 2012 entitled “Remember Who You Are”. I was following events through a live Internet link. From what I could see, there was a huge audience to full capacity at Wembley plus all the subscribers worldwide to the live link. I can’t imagine how many were watching. I also had friends in my house.

Congratulations, David! I thought I had heard it all before but your down-to-earth common sense, generosity of sharing your research combined with inner wisdom, warm humour and musical interludes with dance features, made it all relevant. (

So what did I learn?

What I need is a change of perspective; how I look at things. To whom do I give my energy? As a metaphysician I am always aware of my “energy output”, be it thoughts or actions? I am so easily influenced by things I watch on TV/movies, read in newspapers/books or people I meet. It can easily throw me off balance.

Remember who I am. Yes, it is time to change perspective, see things with new eyes and allow myself to “marvel”.

I live NOW, not yesterday or tomorrow. It is in the NOW I can change my perspective.

How do you marvel?

Amma Magi – Missionary of Life



How do I perceive life? Well, usually through my five senses: hearing, sight, smell, taste and touch. I see with my eyes, hear with my ears, taste with my tongue, smell with my nose and touch with my fingers and toes.

Then comes my sixth sense, the intuitive. This is where it is easy to doubt myself. Am I really something more than what my five senses perceive? Here is my challenge, to see myself as I really am.



Awakening means looking at life with new eyes, seeing a new reality. That takes courage. What is really good and bad? Maybe the “bad” is more honest than the “good” because you know the “bad” is bad but what if the “good” one, whom you trust, suddenly turns “bad”? Where do you stand?

This idea of good versus bad came to me recently as I watched the popular movie “Pirates of the Caribbean – The curse of the Black Pearl”. It explores the concept of good and bad, conscience and conformity. At the end of the movie, each one has to follow his/her own conscience. This has always been my belief. Can I sleep at night with my own conscience? What is freedom unless we drop being judgmental? As the actor Johnny Depp, being the brave pirate, ends the movie, finally in charge of his own ship: “Now, bring me that horizon!”



When I now look at the news media, which for many of us is the main “trusted” source of information, telling me what is happening in the world, do I believe it? I have to ask myself, where is my focus? On finding my inner harmony, balance, well-being and how I can serve the world to make it a better place for everyone, or do I react to every fear-ridden news item about terrorism, crimes, suffering and death causing worry which in turn undermines my health and makes me feel powerless? What would you choose?

When you choose your focus in life, you virtually open up a line of communication between you and the subject of your choice, just like the Law of Attraction. You are building a path through the ether and are therefore magnetically drawn to your subject. Whether you are successful will depend on the time and energy you are willing to spend.

As my focus for many years has been on Healing, I am constantly updating myself as I attract in a natural way new healing tools and modules as they just “appear” to me. Healing has become more than just “laying on hands”, it is also about awakening to inner wisdom.

Where is your focus? Have you developed a keen interest in something you wish to explore? Maybe it is spiritual growth? How to become a more healthy and useful human being, serving your community? Whatever it is, make it your number one focus. It all starts with you.

Once the choice is made, you will be amazed at the people and information suddenly coming into your life. The joy will be overwhelming. It certainly has for me. Surprise yourself!


Exercise: Give yourself time off from computers, mobile phones or whatever holds your daily attention for a little while and watch yourself being naturally drawn to a focus of your liking. Start giving time and energy to your new focus. Watch what happens over the next month!


Next Lesson: Soul Expression




© Amma Magi 2013 – Permission is granted to copy and redistribute the lessons contained in The Magical Alchemy Course on condition that the content remains complete, full credit is given to the author Amma Magi, her website address is published and the lessons are distributed free of charge.

The Magical Alchemy Course – Lesson 4


by Amma Magi,
Sweden, 28th June, 2013

In Lesson 3 we explored how to “perceive life through new eyes”. We also started to give time and energy to our new focus as an exercise.

In this lesson we will explore “soul expression”.



As I am writing this I have just celebrated Swedish midsummer in the land of the midnight sun. The summer solstice is the climax of “sun expression” in the northern hemisphere before the cycle starts all over again.

In issue 9 of my Sunlight New Age Journal (1998), which later turned into a website on the Internet, I featured “Soul Expression” as a theme. In my editorial I wrote:

“Dear Friends,

Soul expression is a wonderful thing. When we see it in others we recognise it. The person radiates an aura of magnificence. They look as if they were born into this life for this particular moment.

Often we find ourselves stuck in ordinary mundane life, unable to fulfill our inner dreams. Are we here to serve somebody else’s purpose or to shed the chrysalis limiting our visions and turn into butterflies, freeing our souls? The answer is both. We are here to serve each other as our souls progress on their long journeys back to God. We are all connected. Now is the time to join together and help each other.”

In the same issue I published my exclusive interview with famous song writer and performing troubadour Julie Felix just before her 60th birthday “Crone Concert” in London. She was also releasing her latest album: “Fire my Spirit”.

Julie was born in Santa Barbara, California where she studied drama and dancing but later took up a singing career. She travelled the world, starting with Greece and later settled in England where she hosted her own television show.

During the interview we talked about the renaissance of the 1960s when the mood of young people changed to a new sense of awareness and liberation. A revolution had started, featuring music, fashion and literature, catching both of us in its avalanche. World peace was its motto.

Attending her successful Crone Concert at Queen Elizabeth Hall in London, a sell-out, I experienced “soul expression” first-hand from Julie. A woman of small stature on a large empty stage fully alive with an enthusiasm that set us all on fire. With her guitar she entertained us with rhythmic, soul-infused songs that went on for hours. I remember feeling goose bumps all over and thinking: “she was born for this moment”! No wonder Julie has been hailed in the media as a natural actress who lives every performance of every song.

We can all shine with our inner enthusiasm. Now is the time to release our fire!



We are moving with the times and they are changing.

Soul expression is no longer just exploring our talents as artists, musicians, writers or whatever and exposing them to the world. The next step is to allow our Hearts to express a higher frequency than that of mere words. The new understanding no longer keeps us limited to the brain in our heads but expresses itself in the original brain which forms in the Heart while our fetus is still growing in the womb.

Soul expression is a feeling of elation for me when I connect with the God force. “Expression” is a good term to use as it goes beyond the intellect and thinking capacity into the realm of soul awareness/aliveness. Expression is a force of expansion, like ringlets on the surface of water after a pebble is dropped. Just imagine, you can create waves affecting the whole world and bring about change. Actually you already do but may not be aware of the power you wield. Now, with soul expression, you have a focus, the one and only God within which is connected to the one and only God there is – the Absolute.

Personally I use prayer to release the love and joyous elation I feel for God. Prayer can be a natural heart-centered expression where words in the end may no longer be necessary. Instead it becomes an outpouring of love and gratitude for the privilege of experiencing life on Earth.

Like poetry, create your own heart expression through prayer, knowing that God is listening. You are not alone!

Exercise: Stand or sit comfortably with your hands raised, palms facing outwards, level with the Heart. In other words, the chakras in the palms of your hands are aligned with your Heart chakra, open to receive and transmit energy (prana or universal life force). Feel joy in your heart; feel love filling and surrounding you. You are supported and protected by the energy of Love. There is only you and God and you are One. Express your gratitude!

Finish with the detachment mudra. Move the palm of your right hand over the palm of the left hand once only, in a swift movement, as if you are cutting off an energy flow. Then detach.

Practice as often as you want for the next month.

Remember to smile within!


Next lesson: Spiritual Energy Balance



© Amma Magi 2013 – Permission is granted to copy and redistribute the lessons contained in The Magical Alchemy Course on condition that the content remains complete, full credit is given to the author Amma Magi, her website address is published and the lessons are distributed free of charge.


The Magical Alchemy Course – Lesson 5

by Amma Magi
Greece, 27th July, 2013

In Lesson 4 we explored soul expression as in watching other people shine as they perform their soul purpose. We can do this also by allowing our fire to be released to the world!

In this lesson we will explore how we integrate our soul fire with the energy grid of the Earth to create balance, harmony and well-being. In essence, how to find Spiritual Energy Balance.


Throughout my life I have been guided to what feels natural to me, that inner feeling and knowingness that tells me I am on the right track. Sometimes it has left me wondering if I am really right but it always ends up by giving me great solace and inner comfort.

In the very first issue of my magazine, Sunlight The New Age Journal, summer 1995, I devoted a section to what I call “Cosmic Helpers!” I will quote verbatim:

“Divine Intervention has been offered to mankind in times of need throughout our history. Mankind has never been left alone to suffer in total ignorance. There has always been hope, light, a helping hand when we feel we have reached the end of our endurance. This is especially true today as we are standing on the threshold of a New Age.

“According to The Aetherius Society, whose Founder/President is Sir George King, a large spacecraft originating from the planet Mars, 12,000 feet long, is orbiting our Earth at certain times of the year radiating much needed Spiritual energy. These vast energies coming from the Sun are conditioned through large crystals before being beamed down to us. During the orbit of Satellite No. 3, as this craft is called, all unselfish actions performed by any individual or group, such as service to mankind, healing to the sick and suffering, performing spiritual practices, etc., will be enhanced 3,000 times. The scales of Karma which at present are weighing too much on the negative side, now has a chance to be balanced in a positive manner, depending on the number of people co-operating. The craft has been orbiting this Earth several times a year since 1955 and millions of people have been informed of its existence. The dates of orbit have been given for the next 1,000 years:

April 18th – May 23rd inclusive (*)

July 5th – August 5th inclusive

September 3rd – October 9th inclusive

November 4th – December 10th inclusive

“The karmic implications of this are enormous. Unfortunately the majority of people on Earth today are focusing their attention on selfish deeds, the manipulations and control of others, possession of material goods, or just sheer laziness and apathy when it comes to facing the real issues threatening mankind and our Planet. The spiritual workers on the other hand number just a few in comparison with the ignorant masses who lack God realization.

“In deference to the ‘good’ people on Earth, the Cosmic Masters who have been observing our Planet for thousands upon thousands of years and who did exchange knowledge and wisdom with us in previous civilizations, are extending a most practical gift to us – the ‘energy supply’ to allow us to help ourselves. The ancient Masters are acknowledging the fact that we have freewill on this Planet and they cannot therefore interfere direct with our thoughts and actions but they can inspire us and guide us in many ways if we would but listen.

“The Aetherius Society, which is a worldwide Spiritual Brotherhood, have their own ways of co-operating with Satellite No. 3 in a most potent way through dynamic prayer meetings, etc. but anyone on this planet can tune into these wonderful energies and use them for the benefit of themselves and others – as long as their motive is pure. The energies cannot be used for evil – they will just not work.

“So while Satellite No. 3 is in orbit of Earth we should all go out of our way to send prayers for peace and healing to the world which so desperately needs it.”

Reference: The dates referred to above are known as Spiritual Pushes or Magnetization Periods. For more information, please contact:

(*) Note: For ease of reference, the actual times are as follows, using U.S. Eastern (New York) time:

8pm (summer time) April 18 through 8pm May 23

8pm July 5 through 8pm August 5

8pm September 3 through 8pm October 9

7pm (winter time) November 4 through 7pm December 10

Pacific (California) summer times are 5pm instead of 8pm.

U.K. summer times are 1 am the next day instead of 8pm.


As I am writing this, we are now in a Spiritual Push until August 5th. The next one will commence on September 3rd. There is still hope, light and a helping hand … but in the end, each one of us will have to stand up on our own two feet, realizing who we truly are and play our part in the One Whole.

Exciting times indeed!

Evolution is eternal, divine opportunities are ample but the moment for us here on Earth is NOW!

Putting our priorities first

Since my awakening to spirituality in my early 20s, I have felt a strong sense of urgency. My life has been a long quest.

Although I have earned my living by working in the “material” world, I have always put my spiritual interests first. By doing this, I feel I have created a pathway that has always supported me.

It is my belief that it is the same for the world we live in. By placing importance to human factors such as kindness, helpfulness, co-operation, meaningful survival, etc., and then extending this outwards to the animal, plant and mineral kingdom and concern for the planet Herself, we create conditions which will naturally support all life. This is what I call spiritual energy balance.

The Key to Action

My old friend, Owen K Waters of wrote in “The Greatest Mystery of All Time” (July 2013) that he was given the key to “Why was the universe created?” The key is “curiosity”. Here I find my urge, passion, enthusiasm, excitement, fervor, delight … coming to fruition. I just knew it, there must be a driving force and this is it: God in Its perfection was “curious”!

In this enthusiastic fervor I find the word “action” appropriate. My heart urges me to do something, be active in the world today, play my part, make a difference.

Instead of waiting for “God” to do something for me, I want to offer to do something for “God”!

It is time to take the initiative, start something!

Exercise: Look into your own life and feel your inner urge. Knowing what you know, how would you reach out and offer your services to the world? How would you improve the energy grid of the Earth, affecting all?

Spend the next 4 weeks putting some real practical action into your dreams!

Next lesson: Our Free Will

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The Magical Alchemy Course Lesson 6


by Amma Magi
Greece, 26th August 2013


Since this series of lessons began on 1st April this year, we have covered many different steps in humanity’s spiritual growth process, eventually leading to “man know thyself”!

All these lessons are available on the website:

In the last Lesson we looked at the spiritual energy balance and how we can influence the world in a positive way by being aware of our thoughts and actions.

In this lesson we will take a closer look at the terms freewill and freedom. What do they really mean in these days of the Shift?



Freewill is something I take for granted as my birth-right. Being born in a “free” democratic country, Sweden, I believed as a child that everyone was free to pursue their dreams. I certainly got mesmerized by the dazzling tinsels on the Christmas tree. Life was full of promise and hope. I had a strong sense of freewill and thought I knew my direction in life.

As a free spirit, tired of the restricted life as a school pupil, I decided I would never tie myself down to a 9-5 job. Instead I would travel the world as a freelance journalist, sharing my adventures and experiences. I wanted to “breathe” life.

But what happened? I got as far as London, decided to stay and started to look for a job to support myself. I ended up working at an office 9-5 and actually loved it. By disciplining myself for a few hours each day, willingly doing whatever was required of me, I then had the freedom to use my time and resources as I wished.

This was the beginning of my discovery of “freewill” leading to “freedom”!



From an early age we test our freewill against our environment. We learn how far we can go until we meet an obstacle. All the time there is this strong urge and natural curiosity driving us onwards to new discoveries and learning.

As we grow up we find that life presents many challenges. We can’t always get what we want. Freewill is not necessarily about satisfying our egos. There are other people out there too with an ego, exercising their freewill.


Competition or Co-operation

Many of our cultures today build on the image of competition and greed leading to “successful” lives. Material wealth is the reward, satisfying our hunger for meaning and status. We look up to the rich and famous, thinking they are happy and fulfilled. Maybe they are but we do not really know. It is up to us to find our own inner happiness and reward.

Life is not about comparing ourselves to others. It is also about seeing opportunities, new possibilities that will enrich the life of all. Instead of competition, there is the more lasting recognition that co-operation and sharing is a sustainable way forward. And this is happening more and more.

As previously taught in these lessons, we should start looking at life through new eyes. See new opportunities arise. Take initiative. Use our freewill constructively.


What is Freewill and Freedom?

Freewill and freedom is not an either/or option. The critical difference between freewill and freedom must be that freewill is attention to the ego or basic desires and freedom is, not an absence of freewill, but the use of it to follow the guidance of the higher intuition that comes from your soul. Your soul is attuned to the cosmos and all forms of higher awareness, so it becomes your guide for higher guidance.


The Secret of the Shift

A few days ago I was out walking my dog. It was early morning just after sunrise. The whole countryside was bathing in light, the sky light blue, cloudless. A perfect beginning to a new day.

I had just finished writing a draft for this lesson trying to work out what really is the difference between freewill and freedom. How do I explain this to my students? Then it came, the answer. I felt I was given the secret key to the whole concept of The Shift!

First, during my research for this lesson I remembered a classic line stated by my own Master during a lecture given exactly 40 years ago. I had been present at the time and remember the impact it had on the large audience. The title of the lecture was “The Cosmic Plan” and the one-liner saved until the end of the lecture was: “there comes an end to freewill!”

It suddenly dawned on me this particular morning that the secret key to The Shift could be the transformation of mankind from freewill to freedom!


Explain please?

Yes, being aware that the use of freewill by mankind to date has not led us to an advanced, safe and healthy civilization. A shift of focus from ego-centered freewill to an unconditional surrender to a Higher Will (God’s will if you want) will transform our lives here on earth.

You will find that all your needs will be met, even your energy needs. There will be no shortage.

You will be free, free to explore, be curious, be of service to the whole cosmic community.

Free to know who you truly are!


Exercise: Ask yourself: “when did I last feel really happy?” Yes, what made you naturally joyous? Re-create that feeling again. Feel the joy spreading warm comfort throughout your whole being.

Now add the following reflection: Unconditional surrender to God!

Know you are on your way to feel true Freedom!


Further study: The Nine Freedoms by George King, D.D. (


Next lesson: A global vision


© Amma Magi 2013 – Permission is granted to copy and redistribute the lessons contained in The Magical Alchemy Course on condition that the content remains complete, full credit is given to the author Amma Magi, her website address is published and the lessons are distributed free of charge.


The Magical Alchemy Course – Lesson 7


by Amma Magi
27th September, 2013


We are moving on with the next lesson in the Magical Alchemy Course which started on 1st April this year. The aim is to explore many different steps in humanity’s spiritual growth which will eventually lead to the ancient Greek maxim: man know thyself”!

All previous lessons are available on this website:

In the last Lesson we examined freewill and freedom and how we may use these for the highest good.

In this lesson we will explore a Global Vision.



My training is in Karma Yoga through an enlightened Master. In essence: The Yoga of Action – Service to mankind. In these days many are searching for a meaning in life and something worthwhile to do while the ever-increasing speed of time seems to carry us through turbulent water. How can we ever catch up with the transformational Shift and find our inner peace?

In a recent lesson (No.5 – Spiritual Energy Balance) I wrote: “In this enthusiastic fervor I find the word “action” appropriate. My heart urges me to do something, be active in the world today, play my part, make a difference.” In an appeal to my students I continued: “It is time to take the initiative, start something!”

Since then I have started a Mission I call Sunlight Mission. It is a wider concept of the vision I had back in 1995 when I started Sunlight New Age Journal to share information to assist the spiritual aspirant to find his or her true path back to God. Here I log various phases when I decide a time and place to perform prayers of healing and upliftment for the world. I charge myself with prana (universal life force) through deep breathing and visualization practices followed by a clear statement of my intention: to bring balance, harmony and well-being.

As a healer I am expanding my healing ministry to a global level. Wherever I travel I allow myself to be used as a channel for healing energies to flow out into the ethers and into nature while radiating love and gratitude. Anyone can do this in their own way!



Once we are self-empowered, having “re-claimed” ourselves and the divine essence of who we truly are, we are no longer needy but can offer our overflow to the global community.

There cannot be just one global vision as we each experience life differently but there is an energy flow sweeping across the globe, like the crest of a wave, of which we can all take advantage.

Building on the visions and teachings of pioneers in recent times, we already have the foundation laid, waiting for each one of us to add the bricks.


We are the volunteers

Only a few weeks ago I received this encouraging message from a Greek friend: “Almost everyone on your Earth at this time has made a soul agreement to be part of the ascension process of humanity and the Earth.” A message from the Hierarchy.

Humanity has never been alone in its search for a divine purpose. There have been teachers at various times in different part of the world supporting and protecting the human race. Now comes the time for us to stand firmly on our own feet and, in gratitude, take positive action. We have volunteered for this!

It is not just our lives and our future that are at stake but that of the planet herself. A global holistic vision must therefore embrace the Mother Earth!


The Earth as a classroom

The eyes of the cosmos are upon us and great is the exhilaration. The planet herself is preparing to take her rightful place in the heavens and we, her children, are invited to ascend with her. She has offered us a classroom for certain learning and soon comes the time of graduation.

We can truly talk about a global community here on Earth as science and technology are bringing us closer together through various forms of communication, not least the Internet. Distance or language are no longer barriers. We are becoming ONE.


Our power

The awakening of each individual to remember who we truly are and re-claiming our power, is a major force reaching a fulcrum point. As we recognize each other, understand and care for one another, we automatically embrace a global vision.

Today is the greatest day of your life – because you have freewill, you have a choice, to become who you truly are: GOD in form.

Now, what will you do?


Exercise:  As you awake each morning send a prayer of gratitude to Mother Earth, your spaceship navigating you safely in the universe. As you go to bed at night ask yourself: What have I done for God today?


Next lesson: A universal vision


© Amma Magi 2013 – Permission is granted to copy and redistribute the lessons contained in The Magical Alchemy Course on condition that the content remains complete, full credit is given to the author Amma Magi, her website address is published and the lessons are distributed free of charge.